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Safe Sanctuary Policy
2/9/2016 11:13:21 AM
At last month's session meeting the church adopted a Safe Place Policy, known commonly in the church world as Safe Sanctuary Policy. This document outlines the church's responsibility to our young people, and offers guidelines for the protection of children and youth while at church events. Every church needs to have a policy like this in place, and we are glad to announce that you can peruse through the church's official Safe Sanctuary Policy on our website here.
Souper Bowl of Caring Collection
2/8/2016 11:36:43 AM
Yesterday at First Presbyterian we collected $343.06 and 52 food items for Souper Bowl of Caring, all of which was donated directly to McDowell Mission Ministries this morning. Check out to keep track of the national total! Thanks to everyone who donated and thank you to those who came out yesterday evening to watch the game and spend time in fellowship!
Super Bowl Party
2/2/2016 11:49:39 AM
Sunday evening we will be having a Super Bowl party, where we will watch the game on the projector screen and have soup and chili for dinner. I'll be making my White Bean Chicken Chili again, but we're going to need enough soup and chili for everyone who comes, and anyone and everyone is invited. Some of the folks from the Methodist Church will be joining us for this event as well. So bring out soup or chili or sides on Sunday evening at 6:30 and join us in fellowship for the evening!
Souper Bowl Service Blitz
2/2/2016 11:43:16 AM
The day before the Super Bowl football game, Saturday February 6th, youth from around the country wil be serving in their communities as part of the Souper Bowl Service Blitz. Our youth will serve at McDowell Mission Ministries, organizing closets, storage rooms, and storage sheds to make life run more smoothly for the staff and residents of the Women's and Children's Home. This service project will be from 9:30-1:30, and we'll need some help to complete all of the projects. This is a great chance to do hands on work and interact with some of the people in our community who need help.
Souper Bowl of Caring
2/2/2016 10:56:07 AM
Souper Bowl of Caring started in 1990, when 22 youth groups in Columbia, SC stood outside their churches after worship holding soup pots to collect money and canned goods. Each youth group gave 100 percent of their collections directly to charities and non-profits in their community. Over the next several years this grassroots movement grew until thousands of groups from every state were collecting a total of several million dollars every year. 

This year, the youth of First Presbyterian will be collecting money and canned goods after worship next Sunday, on February 7th. Everything that we raise will be donated to McDowell Mission Ministries, where it will be used to help those in need. Be sure to bring a few dollars or non-perishable food items to worship on Sunday so that you can be part of the Souper Bowl of Caring collection!
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